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Add Lloyd McClendon To The List

Larry Stone:

...former Pirates manager Lloyd McClendon will be in town this week to interview.

Lloyd McClendon has served as:

  • the Pirates' hitting coach
  • the Pirates' manager
  • the Tigers' bullpen coach
  • the Tigers' hitting coach

McClendon's resume works as evidence that there are x number of coaches for x number of coaching positions, and that when one guy gets fired, somebody else's coach gets hired to take his spot, and everybody just shifts around a little. There are no new coaches, and when old coaches start to die, new blood is not introduced, and the position is eliminated. It is expected that within the next 40 years, the final remaining coach will expire, and all players will be left to fend for themselves.

Is McClendon any good? No idea. He had a 43.0% winning percentage over five years with the Pirates. In the five years previous to his reign, the Pirates had a winning percentage of 45.5%. In the five years since, they've had a winning percentage of 39.8%. The only thing I can conclude from these numbers is that the Pirates are somehow getting worse.