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2010 Retrospective: Chad Cordero

Do you remember Chad Cordero? I would not be shocked if you didn't. Actually I would be surprised if you completely did not remember Chad Cordero, but I would excuse you from him slipping your mind if you were to attempt naming everyone who played for the 2010 Mariners. He lasted a little over a month on the big league roster after two years in the organization trying to rehab his shoulder.

There's not much to examine with Cordero having pitched such a small amount. Incidentally, he was nearly only used in total blowout situations and therefore has an ignominious mark of making nine appearances in nine losses.

The first four times he pitched the Mariners were already losing by four, by ten, by six and by six. He was decent enough that he garnered an opportunity with the Mariners down just one and a couple runners on and managed to both hit and walk a guy within the five hitters he faced. He was also pitching on ten days' rest. Between June 9 and July 4, a span of 22 games, Cordero would pitch three times with just 12 batters faced. Those seven-man bullpens sure were a necessity.

The only game Cordero entered with the Mariners not trailing was an extra-inning affair on July 5 against the Royals. He was awful, the team lost (duh) and he would get just a couple more appearances before Jack Zduriencik dropped him from the team.

Cordero's 9.2 innings pitched this season were his most at the Major League level since 2007. If nothing else, use Cordero as a reminder that injuries can happen and can seriously derail a career. Remember Jason Schmidt?

On the other side, Cordero is just 28 years old, so he has some time left in him to keep trying to find his way back. And he showed some decent numbers while in Triple-A so who knows? This is why GMs continue to take chances on reclamation projects. Erik Bedard's going to get guaranteed money this winter. So will Rich Harden. As long as it's a cheap commitment, go forth. You have a Triple-A team for a reason and seeing how the Chad Corderos of the world are doing is a pretty good reason.