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Various News Tidbits

Courtesy of Larry Stone:

Ryan Rowland-Smith will take Felix's slot on Sunday starting the final game of the season. That seems rather fitting. I bet it will feature a Jamey Wright appearance too. That's how 2010 should end. 

Who it will not feature is either Russell Branyan or David Aardsma. Aardsma's oblique will keep him out the remainder of the year which is more ominous sounding than really warrants with three games remaining.

Branyan sees a second consecutive Mariner season end with a back injury. He's already missed two weeks with it so after two possible Septembers with Seattle, Branyan will have accumulated a total of 14 games played.

[UPDATE]: Clay Buchholz will not make his final start either, meaning Felix will end the year with the lowest ERA in the AL. Which is good both for Felix and for some lasting integrity to ERA since Buchholz has actually barely been above average this season. He has a 2.33 ERA and a 4.21 xFIP. Felix's xFIP is nearly a full run lower at 3.26.