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LL Podcast

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All right, time for a second go-round. We changed some things from the first attempt, going with a Skype call so that we could both be freed of holding cell phones to our ears. This one ran about 50% longer than the previous, checking in at just under 50 minutes, so I recommend taking a break or six during it to avoid growing resentful of our voices. I do not anticipate us ever not having enough to talk about.

Lookout Landing Podcast with Jeff and Matthew

Topics of discussion included Ben Sheets, intro songs, the Mariners' options at fifth starter, the state of the AL West, rooting interests in sports and I reveal some new information about the Mariners latest signing, Preston Vancil.

Overall, I think this one was better. Hopefully the next will continue that trend and so on until one day when we can afford to bring in an actual producer for these. As always, go wild with the feedback and suggestions in the comment thread.

Jeff's note: iTunes link!