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Today's Fun Fact

Most of you should be familiar with the CHONE projections, available at Fangraphs and Of the four different projection systems that Fangraphs offers, CHONE's my favorite, as it includes more information than Marcel while generally avoiding the inflation that seems to plague both Bill James and the Fan forecasts. In Earth collision disaster movie terms:

Bill James: Deep Impact
Fans: Armageddon
Marcel: Asteroid
CHONE: When Worlds Collide

According to Fangraphs, CHONE has 2010 projections for 1367 different hitters, from Albert Pujols to some guy named Adrian Casanova. The two worst projected BB/K ratios:

1. Eliezer Alfonzo (0.112)
2. Greg Halman (0.115)

Go Mariners!

(Alternate optimistic perspective: Greg Halman has a better projected BB/K than a Major Leaguer.)