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This Is Terrifying

Said Felix in yesterday's recap:

Hernandez credited an on-form changeup for his high strikeout total.

"The strikeouts, everything was changeups," Hernandez said. "It was unbelievable today. First time I've had a changeup like this."

Felix recorded 17 swinging strikes against the Jays. Three of them came on what, according to the PITCHf/x data, were unmistakably breaking balls. Of the 14 remaining, the slowest was 89.5mph, and the other 13 all came in higher than 90.6.

He also recorded 11 strikeouts. Three of them came on breaking balls. The others were all 90.6mph or above.

Either Felix doesn't differentiate between his two-seamer and his changeup in his head, or he was throwing his changeup faster than Johan throws his fastball.