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Series Preview: New York Yankees @ Seattle Mariners

Seattle: 76-71
Chicago: 94-53


-89.2 (29th)
161.3 (1st) NYA
72.5 (1st)
-13.6 (25th) SEA
-32.7 (23rd)
4.7 (14th) NYA
-22.4 (29th)
-10.9 (20th) NYA
-71.8 141.5 Yankees


True story: I forgot to write this preview not because of residual jet lag from my trip but because I legitimately momentarily forgot that baseball is still going. With Ichiro's stuff out of the way there is no meaningful aspect left to this season and we're not seeing post-season play and frankly, the crop of teams that are bores the crap out of me. The NFL has kicked off, the MLS is heading into their own pennant drive, of which our local 11 still factor and hockey is about to drop the puck on games that count. I cannot believe I still have to write about baseball for another month.

Note that the preceding sentence was one of fascination, not whining. I am not angling for sympathy from the readers, after all, if I wanted to stop, I just would. It's just one of those weeks where my wherewithal is not up to snuff. I had been mentioning to some people before I left how I had forgotten what I do with myself Monday through Friday nights when baseball is in its offseason and there is no longer a sporting game 95% of the days to watch. I think I just discovered the answer.

Anyways, Yankees, much better than us, et cetera, et cetera.


Game 1: Felix Hernandez vs. A.J. Burnett
Game 2: Doug Fister vs. CC Sabathia*
Game 3: Ian Snell vs. Joba Chamberlain

Did anyone mention during the offseason the the two marquee pitches the Yankees brought in via free agency both go by initials? It's an almost interesting note.

If you have the chance to go tonight, do. Not because it's the Yankees, or because it's a nice Friday evening or whatever peripheral excuse you can come up with. Go because it's Felix. And it's Felix in a, to him, a big game and that's when Felix can be the most fun to watch. But even beyond that, go because it's Felix and looking at the remaining schedule, I am not-so-subtly saying that this might be the penultimate chance for you to watch him live in Safeco wearing a Mariner uniform. Go.