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Mauricio Robles

When Jarrod Washburn was traded to the Tigers at the deadline this year, the return was a package consisting of left-handed Luke French and Mauricio Robles. As French was immediately slotted into the major league rotation, all eyes have been on him, so to speak. Robles quickly became something of a forgotten man, especially when for his first start on August 5th he managed to record five times as many runs as outs and as a follow up walked six in five innings on August 11th.

All in all, he wasn't looking too spectacular, even for a 20 year old calling Mavericks Stadium his home. But it's been a month since I last paid any attention to him, so I figured it was about time to catch up.

Robles, in five starts since August 11th: 33 innings pitched, 38 strikeouts, 11 walks, capping things off with his first playoff start yesterday where he went seven innings, allowed two hits, a walk, and got himself eight strikeouts. His line on the year? 3.21 tRA between Lakeland and High Desert - 2.85 with the Flying Tigers and 3.67 with the Mavs.

Well then. The walks are still too high, but he's a groundballing (50+%, one home run allowed as a Maverick) lefthander with an absolute tonne of strikeouts. A 3.67 tRA (which includes his disastrous first couple of outings) from Robles in his home park is more than we could reasonably have hoped for this year. Some will question whether he can remain in the rotation due to his stature, but until proven otherwise we have a fairly exciting starting pitcher prospect to keep an eye on.