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So About This Series

Evan Grant's got a little information, both troubling and not:

The weather forecast isn’t favorable for scheduling a doubleheader on Saturday. Hey, it’s not real favorable for playing a single game, either. This is the Mariners last trip into Arlington this season and with the teams having no common off days remaining, playing a doubleheader this weekend was the only feasible option.
If the three games don’t get played this weekend, you can bet they will still get played. In Seattle. Over the final three days of the season. The last thing the Rangers can afford to do, both competitively and financially, is play fewer games at home than the schedule calls for. But if tonight’s game gets rained out – the chance of precipitation does not dip below 60 percent today; below 40 percent on Sunday – the Rangers will indeed be playing at least 82 games on the road.

Well this is a different way for a team to get screwed.