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9/1: Open Game Thread


Los Angeles Angels @ Seattle Mariners

09/01/09 7:10 PM PDT

Los Angeles Angels Seattle Mariners
Chone Figgins - 3B Ichiro Suzuki - RF
Bobby Abreu - RF Franklin Gutierrez - CF
Torii Hunter - CF Jose Lopez - 2B
Vladimir Guerrero - DH Mike Sweeney - :)
Kendry Morales - 1B Adrian Beltre - 3B
Juan Rivera - LF Mike Carp - 1B
Maicer Izturis - 2B Kenji Johjima - C
Erick Aybar - SS Jack Wilson - SS
Jeff Mathis - C Michael Saunders - LF

Doug Fister

#58 / Pitcher / Seattle Mariners





Feb 04, 1984

Ervin Santana

#54 / Pitcher / Los Angeles Angels





Dec 12, 1982

If Fister has another good game tonight, I don't know how I'm going to respond. What are you supposed to do when your favorite team pulls a quality starter out of thin air? I mean, who the hell had Fister on their radar a year ago? In April? In July? I'm trying so hard not to build myself up, because I don't want to end up disappointed by a guy in whom I didn't really believe as recently as last month, but it's beyond silly how well Fister has adjusted to the bigs, and I'm running out of reasons for doubt. Things like this aren't supposed to happen. But through four starts and five appearances, it's been happening.

Go get 'em, Doug, you inexplicable son of a bitch.