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We Did Well For Ourselves

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Pitcher: Jarrod Washburn
Performance: 3.77 FIP, high tRA (StatCorner is blocked at work), high fly balls, low strikeouts, low walks, 20 starts, 100 pitches per
Contract: Expires this winter
Return: Luke French, Mauricio Robles

Pitcher: Chad Gaudin
Performance: 3.68 FIP, average fly balls, high strikeouts, high walks, 19 starts, 95 pitches per
Contract: Arbitration-eligible
Return: Future considerations

Pitcher: Carl Pavano
Performance: 4.26 FIP, average fly balls, medium strikeouts, low walks, 21 starts, 92 pitches per
Contract: Expires this winter
Return: PTBNL

Okay, both Gaudin and Pavano have their problems. Gaudin's a righty who struggles against lefties, and Pavano's had a bit of trouble with home runs. Plus, he has that whole unfortunate reputation to shake. But Washburn has his problems, too, and you could make a pretty convincing argument that he's actually the worst of these three starting pitchers. I don't know how much I believe that, but he certainly isn't better than Gaudin or Pavano by any significant margin.

And yet, where the latter two were traded for pennies, Zduriencik was able to turn Washburn into a decent starting pitcher under team control and a faraway but intriguing young prospect. All because he's a proven veteran with a low ERA.

I can't believe there are still people who are disappointed with that deal. Z hit it out of the park.