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  • Seemingly out of nowhere, Major League Baseball has gone and banned those gladiator helmets from the Mariner bullpen. I'd make some crack about how "if you can't protect a lead, you can't protect your head" but honestly I just feel bad for them. Although I guess the whole us-against-the-world perspective kind of plays right into their theme for the season. Do you think Miguel Batista's DNA is on any of the helmets? And on a completely unrelated note, do you think the helmets will now be auctioned off to the public? No reason.

  • MRI for Erik Bedard on Friday, as his shoulder still feels funny. Let's face it: he's probably done for the year, which would means his Mariner career would end with 30 starts and 164 innings. On the plus side, I have a delicious pretzel.

    All of baseball learned a lesson from our grave lapse in judgment. I guess that's something.

  • Four lefties in the lineup for KC tonight against Luke French and his allegedly sexy slider. On top of that, the only righty worth a damn is Billy Butler. Landings don't get much softer than this.