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Neftali Feliz Is Okay

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Be you warned, for here there be .gifs.

Feliz made his Major League debut last night, striking out the first four hitters he saw* on the way to two perfect innings. 21 of his 30 pitches were strikes, five were cut on and missed, and as a reliever he still found a way to work in three pitches. You listening, Brandon?

* Kennedy, Suzuki, Hairston, and Cust, so it's not like he was dominating complete piles of crap.

Here he is throwing a 100mph fastball:


And here he is throwing a 90mph splitter/change:


The command needs work, and the velocity will come down a bit when he transitions back to the rotation, but Neftali Feliz is going to be a pain in our ass for a long long time. Did I mention he's 21?