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Jarrod Washburn, Detroit Tiger

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(Game against Tampa still in progress. He just had a really good third inning!)

34.1 IP
37 H
26 R
26 ER
9 BB (6.2%)
18 K (12.3%)
60.4% Strikes
6.8% Swinging Strikes
10 Home Runs

Update: For the curious among you, Washburn has thrown 34 (6.2%) "Dolphins" since being traded. Three of them have been missed, one of them has gone for a hilarious dinger, and 19 of them have been balls. All of them have been thrown to right-handed hitters.

A common refrain among disenchanted Mariner fans is that our players always get better when they leave. Washburn seems determined to cancel out every Carlos Guillen in one fell swoop.