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Idea vs. Execution

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The A's had a good first part.


Hitting your spots. When some guys can't do it, they miss the zone. When other guys can't do it, they throw meatballs. Left-handedness aside, Langerhans couldn't have asked for a better pitch to drive into right. On the one hand, it's sad how quickly Endy Chavez has been forgotten, but on the other hand, hey, Langerhans.

RRS, by the way - good number of strikes, and it's great to see him go a start without walking a guy, but he only missed four bats and of the 26 non-bunted balls Oakland put in play, ten were line drives. Not his best work.

Anyway, posting's going to be light these next few days as I'll be out of town. I'm entering a pretty busy period, so please bear with me for a little while. While LL's a priority, they don't pay me enough for it to be top of the list.