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Today's Fun Fact

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Information on yesterday's six home runs, via

Impact Due To
Player Distance Wind Temperature Elevation Standard Distance
Inge 398 8 1 1 388
Raburn 391 4 1 1 385
Branyan 439 -12 2 2 445
Lopez 392 -3 1 0 393
Sweeney 360 0 2 3 356
Johjima 354 -24 2 2 372

The Sweeney distance comes as no surprise - that thing was weak, and he hit it with a broken bat (of course, if the bat were broken prior to the swing, one wonders how far the ball would've gone with a normal bat instead). The Branyan distance isn't surprising, either, because that's just how Russell Branyan hits his home runs. No, the real shocker here is Kenji Johjima. Like many, I thought his home run looked a little suspect...

"Two were wind-blown and would’ve been outs any other day," Washburn said. "Unfortunately, those still count."

...but if these numbers are to be believed, that fly ball was actually pushed back, rather than pushed out, and by a significant margin.

I had no idea. Kenji really does get the last laugh.