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Series Preview: Seattle Mariners @ Detroit Tigers

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Seattle: 61-57
Detroit: 62-55


-69.7 (27th)
-2.3 (15th) DET
52.1 (2nd)
32.6 (4th) SEA
-19.2 (21st)
-19.7 (23rd) SEA
-27.4 (30th) -6.9 (19th) DET
-64.2 3.7 Detroit

Well, the Yankees did not, in fact, go down. Except in that last game! Oh yeah, did they EVER go down in that last game! Take that, Yankees.

I am not sure what the team is playing for at this point. 10.5 games out of the division and now six games out of the Wild Card, behind three teams our even slim playoff hopes are now down to something more on the dying of ebola-level. I guess we could let our remaining cushion of games over .500 melt away and make a play at a Type A protected pick for next year, but I doubt we will be in the running for any Type As anyways this coming winter.

Our defense improved again by a healthy margin this week. It is so fun to have something, at least, be world class. Especially when paired with what is now officially the worst bullpen in the Majors as rated by pRAA. Oops. Thank god Miguel Batista is gone after this year.

Fun note: we have used just as many pitchers in the rotation, twelve, as in the pen.


Game 1: Felix Hernandez vs. Rick Porcello
Game 2: Ian Snell vs. Justin Verlander
Game 3: Ryan Rowland-Smith* vs. Jarrod Washburn*

This is our third time facing Porcello this season. In the previous two efforts, he has managed only a 47% ground ball rate, compared to his 57% mark on the season. He has also walked only one of our hitters, though three of them hit home runs. He threw 86 pitches in both of those starts and garnered a win both times.

Justin Verlander has a 3.36 tRA even with his 24% line drive rate, illustrating just how good he has been at all the other facets of the pitching game this season. He walks fewer batters than league average and while the average AL starting pitcher punches out just under 17% of all hitters he faces, Verlander is approaching 29%. A feat that helps mitigate his line drive rate and nearly drive his overall line drive amount close to league average.

Jarrod Washburn is like a ten year older version of Lucas French. I cannot believe the Tigers signed that guy to a 4 year, $38 million contract.