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Adrian Beltre heads to the DL with an injured testicle. Josh Wilson recalled.

Poor Adrian.

Jeff's note: Beltre played several innings after suffering the injury and went on to single and score the winning run. If anyone asks "so hey, hear anything today that made you feel like a total pussy?" I now have a different answer than I would've given twenty minutes ago.

Incidentally, this would be pretty much the worst way imaginable for Beltre's Mariner career to come to a close, and that includes striking out on a low-away slider with the season on the line. You know how in college they tell you not to do homework on your bed because you'll start to associate it with stress? If Beltre doesn't come back from this before the end of the year, he'll forever associate playing for Seattle with stomach-churning nausea of what must be epic proportions. Any time I accidentally so much as get grazed in the crotch I'm down for the count and the world stops for three or four minutes. One of Adrian Beltre's testicles is torn and bleeding.