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We having fun yet?

By the time the game finally ended, I wanted to sleep more than I wanted to write, but that's probably just as well, because last night...that was one of those games to which the written word can make but a limited contribution. There was so much - so much - to talk about, but with the way it went and the way it finished, I don't think that was the sort of game to follow immediately with analysis and pithy remarks about Felix's nasty-ass goatee; rather, that was the sort of game to experience and enjoy and slumber upon, like an insightful movie or a great first date. 1-0 in 14 innings with Griffey providing the heroics? I don't think people will be talking about this one for ten years the way they do the 18-inning Mike Cameron game, but on the scale from fun to annoying to fun to legendary that games like this tend to follow, Junior might've pushed this one into stage 4. Though I don't have the Griffey fever that's taken hold of so much of the fan base, even I can see that there was probably no better way for that game to end.

Who knew that we'd go on to be thankful for Kotsay catching Rob Johnson's line drive?

Felix was great. White was great. Kelley was great. Jak was great. Beltre was great. Ichiro was great. Johnson was a hero once, and very nearly twice. And the icon hit the winner. It's rare that you see something so perfect come together the way it did last night, and as such it's my recommendation that you spend less time reading about it and more time thinking about it, because no matter which words people choose to put on the screen, they'll be no match for your recollection.