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Series Preview: Baltimore Orioles @ Seattle Mariners

Seattle: 42-39
Baltimore: 36-46


-48.2 (28th)
-4.4 (19th) BAL
26.8 (4th)
-20.6 (22nd) SEA
3.8 (13th) -8.4 (19th) SEA
-15.1 (28th) -8.6 (22nd) BAL
-32.7 -42.0 Seattle

We won the series against Boston but did not exactly do it in convincing fashion. Yeah, those wins count and just not getting destroyed is a positive, but the 5-4 road trip is also not as promising sign as some would like to make it and furthermore, it is over. The Mariners close out the first half with seven games at home, three here and then four with Texas in town. We are 4-2 against Baltimore so far this season but 0-5 against Texas, a team we play 14 more games against and a team we are behind but should not be.

Notably, I am concerned about the starting rotation trending toward average. We need them to start heading back toward a top ten unit. Getting Bedard back and healthy would go a long way toward that goal.


Game 1: Jarrod Washburn* vs. Brad Bergesen
Game 2: Erik Bedard*! vs. Jeremy Guthrie
Game 3: Jason Vargas* vs. David Hernandez

Boy, I sure hope the Orioles are not a team that destroys left-handers or anything. I am off to check Baseball-Reference to find out. Hold on... Almost there... Hmm... Huff, Scott and Markakis are all left-handed. Wait, I feel like I looked at this last time we played Baltimore at home. Oh hey, we actually threw these exact three pitchers against them! Well at least we do not have to see Rich Hill this time. God, that sucked.

On the other hand, we get to face Bergesen for the third time! Over his last two starts he has totaled 15 innings, nine strikeouts, three walks, one home run and 32 ground balls against just 13 fly balls and six line drives. He also missed 20 bats in 202 pitches. Eep.

Jose Lopez hit two home runs against Jeremy Guthrie during his start on the 10th of June. That would be pleasing to see again, but really we are watching for Erik Bedard in this one.

David Hernandez is a 24-year-old right hander who has worked his way up a level each year. Running great strikeout rates coupled with walk rates ranging from solid to fabulous in the minors, Hernandez has struggled with batted balls so far in the Majors. We demolished him back in June on the strength of fly balls and line drives turning into hits.

Matt Wieters is up to a .770 OPS. Adam Jones is an All-Star. Let us just get that out of the way now.


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