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Zduriencik's Trades

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In: Jack Wilson (SS, MLB), Ian Snell (SP, MLB), Luke French (SP, MLB), David Aardsma (RP, MLB), Franklin Gutierrez (CF, MLB), Endy Chavez (LF, MLB), Robert Manuel (RP, MLB), Jason Vargas (SP, MLB), Garrett Olson (RP, MLB), Ryan Langerhans (OF, MLB), Jack Hannahan (3B, MLB), Mike Carp (1B, AAA),  Ezequiel Carrera (CF, AA), Danny Cortes (SP, AA), Mauricio Robles (SP, A+), Derrick Saito (SP, A+), Mikael Cleto (SP, A), $3.4M

Out: Yuniesky Betancourt ("SS", MLB), Jarrod Washburn (SP, MLB), JJ Putz (RP, MLB), Jeremy Reed (OF, MLB), Wladimir Balentien (OF, MLB), Sean Green (RP, MLB), Luis Valbuena (2B, MLB), Jeff Clement (1B, AAA), Mike Morse, (DH, MLB), Justin Souza (SP, AA), Nathan Adcock (SP, A+), Aaron Pribanic (SP, A), Brett Lorin (SP, A), Fabian Williamson (SP, A), $2M

It's pretty interesting to look at how much the organisation has changed since Z took over. 2010's closer, at least two of its starting pitchers, its centre fielder, and its shortstop are all drawn from trades that have occurred since last November. Neat!