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Jarrod Washburn to Detroit

Per Salk. Details as we get them.

Thank goodness.

Update: Luke French and Maurico Robles. Awesome awesome awesome awesome. French is a 23 year old average-looking ML lefty under club control for six more years and is basically what would happen if you went back in time and grabbed Washburn from 11 years ago. Robles is a 20 year old left handed A-baller and helps replace the three guys we gave up for Wilson and Snell. Amazing.

Updated update: Robles strikes out a lot of people. His swinging strikeout rate is 23%. 23%! Walks are too high but not a big deal. This looks like an absolute steal. Velo goes from 88-93, good curve, working on a changeup. If he gets the change working he's a starter in the bigs.