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Series Preview: Seattle Mariners @ Texas Rangers

Seattle: 53-48
Texas: 56-43


-61.3 (27th)
-19.6 (22nd) TEX
35.9 (4th)
22.4 (8th) SEA
-3.5 (15th) -46.8 (27th) SEA
-20.9 (27th) -5.6 (20th) TEX
-49.8 -49.6 Texas

We won the series against Toronto. That was weird. It took me several hours after the conclusion of yesterday's game to realize that. We lost a Felix start and still won the series.

This is the closest match up between two teams since the first series of the year (obviously). Three straight righties running out for Texas allows us to put out our now superior left-handed heavy line up. All we need to do is sweep the Rangers and we will be tied with them in record.


Game 1: Garrett Olson* (?) vs. Derek Holland*
Game 2: Jason Vargas* vs. Vicente Padilla
Game 3: Felix Hernandez vs. Tommy Hunter
Game 4: Jarrod Washburn* (Please god no) vs. Kevin Millwood

Garrett Olson is still with the team? I had forgotten about him. Maybe they should start Washburn again on his throw day to give teams another look. You sure, everyone? Top 5 ERA! Holland has not had any problem with strikeouts or walks, but has been line drive and home run prone to start his Major League career in the rotation.

"Padilla was scratched from last Wednesday's start due to swine flu and Tuesday's start because he didn't think his legs would last." I am not sure which is funnier, Padilla missing a start with swine flu or LaTroy Hawkins going on the DL with shingles. What is next, typhoid?

Padilla has been consistently bad going on three years now with the Rangers, with tRA+s between 83 and 88. Great extension, Daniels! Hunter meanwhile, has been decent with an average batted ball profile and solid strike and swinging strike rates.

Millwood's BABIP is around .266 and he is running a LOB% near 80%. Those are the sort of things that will get his 2010 contract guaranteed as he is just 42 innings away from hitting 180 innings, the quicker of the three milestones he has built in to his contract. Whether or not he is worth $12 million next year (doubtful), removing the option for Texas to void his contract only helps us.