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Adrian Beltre Is Amazing

Larry LaRue:

On the disabled list since undergoing surgery to remove a bone spur in his left shoulder on June 30, Beltre is pushing the expectations for his return. Initially, the prognosis was he’d miss six to eight weeks.

"I’d play today, if they’d let me," he said. "That’s how good I feel."

He won’t, but he may make it back by next week.
When the team goes to Kansas City a week from today, Beltre will be with it – and he might play in that series against the Royals.

So much for Beltre potentially being done as a Mariner. He won't be back in time to make a difference, but he should be back in time to receive a proper send-off.

I don't get why so many Mariner fans still don't like him. I really don't. He's an above-average hitter. He's strong. He's quirky. He's personable. He's funny. He's a magnificent defender. He runs well. He always plays at maximum effort. He's durable. And he's maybe the hardest-working player the team's ever had. The worst thing he's ever done is hit 48 homers for someone else. It's absurd. Beltre's five-year tenure with Seattle is nearly complete, and it's likely he'll move on to play somewhere more favorable to re-establish his value, but because they can't help but evaluate players by their potential peaks, so many people will have missed out on enjoying easily the greatest third baseman this franchise has ever known.

By pretty much all indications, Adrian Beltre should have about two months left in his Mariner career. Cherish them.