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51-46, Super Quick Thoughts

  • Do you see now why Erik Bedard doesn't have very much trade value? He's kind of like Adrian Beltre, in that he obviously has the talent to be the best at his position, but short of one big year, he isn't able to put it all together. Bedard's still a good pitcher. Beltre's a good third baseman. But neither of them are great, and Bedard has less going for him than Adrian does. I just got the feeling today that Bedard was trying to strike everybody out, but his command wasn't anywhere close to being good enough, and that's why he got up to 81 pitches in three innings. A maddening and torturous start. Should we go on to trade Bedard, you're going to want to try to forget what we gave up to get him. 

  • I'm beginning to think that Chris Jakubauskas isn't very good.

  • Michael Saunders pops out in his first at bat, strands five on the day, and has a home run in his debut taken back by no-name clown Chris Gimenez. Have fun sleeping tonight, Mike.

  • The partial standing ovation he got before his first at bat was nice, though. 

  • Our playoff chances should now drop to about 1-2% or so, putting us in roughly the same position as the Reds and the Mets. We're toast.