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Two Quick Updates

(1) It looks like Reid Brignac wasn't pulled because of a trade, but rather (allegedly) because he didn't hustle. So then. I wonder if Brignac has any idea how many people were affected by his laziness. Does Tampa Bay just breed these guys? Still a very good chance that something is going on here, though. This looks like a possible smokescreen. What's the team going to say? "Yeah, no, he's not playing tonight either. Why? Oh, I dunno. For the hell of it?"

Update: now the reports are that Brignac was pulled due to minor pain in his leg. Was seen icing in the clubhouse. This is aggravating.

(2) Jason Vargas was scratched from his start in Tacoma tonight and will presumably go tomorrow instead of Chris Jakubauskas. What this means for Jak is that, instead of warming up before the game, he'll warm up in the third.