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Series Preview: Cleveland Indians @ Seattle Mariners

Seattle: 51-44
Cleveland: 38-58


-51.7 (27th)
27.1 (8th) CLE
33.8 (4th)
-19.1 (24th) SEA
5.5 (13th) -21.3 (23rd) SEA
-10.0 (24th) -28.3 (30th) SEA
-22.4 -41.6 Seattle

The thought struck me recently that with the organization publicly performing all kinds of fellatio on Rob Johnson and with Kenji Johjima's contract and actually tangible qualities that even if Jeff Clement, recently cleared to play catcher again, impressed the bigwigs, it seems highly unlikely that he would net himself a role on the big league club. I do not have any info on this, but it is my feeling that Jeff Clement is done as a Seattle Mariner. Even more than Wladimir Balentien.



Game 1: Ryan Rowland-Smith* vs. Aaron Laffey*
Game 2: Erik Bedard* vs. Jeremy Sowers*
Game 3: Chris Jakubaukas(?) vs. Cliff Lee*

There is a non-trivial chance that we will not be facing Cliff Lee on Sunday. With the winning tense games along with some some personal stuff that I will not go into, the end of this month has really jumped up on me. The trade deadline is a week away. That we have been talking about trades for about six weeks now also makes this deadline seemingly appear out of nowhere to me. Should be an interesting seven days. It probably will not be.

Hooray RRS is back! I am trying to temper my expectations, but holy crap have his numbers looked fantastic in Tacoma. If he carries over the improved command to Seattle, he could approach being a league average starter.

This stretch could pose a tough test for our fragile bullpen. RRS in his first start back plus Erik Bedard and Jaku? If I were setting an over/under on innings pitched by that trio I would be pegging it around 16 or 17. Did I mention that David Aardsma has already pitched the last two games? This would be an excellent time for the Mariner bats to realize they are facing the worst run prevention unit in baseball.

I covered Laffey and Lee in the last Indians preview, so only Sowers is new. Jeremy Sowers sucks.