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49-44, Very Quick Notes

  • And thus ends Garrett Olson's 2009 stint in the rotation. When you watch him, you don't see much velocity or command or composure or a great breaking ball or a great change. That he used to be one of Baltimore's top pitching prospects seems to say more about Baltimore's old farm system than it does about Olson, because there's nothing in there that would blow a scout away. He's just thoroughly mediocre, without a whole lot of upside. I like having him around as insurance both now and down the road, but he just isn't good, and games like this are why so many people are afraid of dealing starters. Olson'll be okay, but he's pitched himself out of his spot. Welcome back Jason Vargas, and welcome back RRS.

  • Add "swing" to the list of Jack Hannahan's positive attributes that still don't add up to make much of a hitter. It's the weirdest thing. When you look at his discipline numbers and watch him swing, you'd think he'd be some sort of lefty masher with on base ability, but instead he just sucks. But boy did he look good this afternoon. How does that swing have three homers while Raul Ibanez's swing has 25?

  • I don't know why anyone ever thought that unpadded outfield walls would be a good idea, and maybe today will help shed some light on the sort of hazard they really pose. Putting players in that kind of danger is unnecessary, and having the kind of range in the outfield that we do these days is only going to make us that much more uneasy.

  • Franklin Gutierrez was going to make a spectacular catch looks really easy. 

  • Larry Stone on Olson today at Baker's blog:

    Olson did not have one swinging strike, by the way.

    Atta boy, Larry.

  • The 1-2 changeup that Rodney threw to Wladimir Balentien in the ninth was pretty much never in the strike zone. Too often fans will criticize a hitter's pitch identification without understanding how hard it really is, but that swing - that swing decision was awful. It's a shame, too, because up until then Wlad had put up a good day at the plate, and now all anyone will remember is how bad he looked with the game on the line. 

  • Ryan Langerhans came so close.