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Pregame Notes

A few things going on:

  • Via Larry Stone, we learn that Mike Sweeney's coming back and Josh Wilson's going away. Wilson went 0-2 with two runs scored during the Mariners' month-long experiment with a 24-man roster, but if Sweeney's to be believed, Wilson brought a lot of heart and energy to this team, so his departure is probably going to cripple our season from the inside. You'd think the front office would be wary of such things, but here we are. This is good news for Chris Shelton, who should now be able to get some much-needed extra beauty sleep every morning without anyone taking notice.

  • Shannon Drayer's Twitter tells us that Kenji Johjima asked Rick Adair about the Tiger hitters. This is presumably only notable because it's something Kenji doesn't ordinarily do, and that's only notable because holy crap

  • Brandon Morrow had an ugly start with Tacoma the other day, debuting and then ditching a little mechanical change. Having strong opinions about hand position must be a pre-req for Mariner pitching coach candidates. Salk's right that there are two ways to look at this - either it's bad, because Morrow swiftly went back to his comfort zone when faced with trouble, or it's good, because it was a trial that he never would've attempted with Seattle. Either way, though, it's clear that there's still lots and lots of work to do before this guy is polished as a starter. Have I mentioned how glad I am that RRS is back? For three months he was practically a forgotten man, but now he ought to be our #4.

  • Also from Salk - Jeff Clement has been cleared to resume catching, which should give us a solid week or two before he has to stop catching.