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Series Preview: Seattle Mariners @ Detroit Tigers

Seattle: 49-43
Detroit: 48-42


-50.3 (27th)
2.1 (14th) DET
33.8 (4th)
24.4 (5th) SEA
6.9 (13th) -7.2 (18th)
-11.7 (25th) -5.3 (20th)
-21.3 14.0

It was a big series, and a big week for our pitching staff. Over 35 innings, we allowed a single home run and just 10 free passes to 28(!) strikeouts. We also matched our season average of 42.4% ground balls. That was a legitimately above averagely played series, though the competition factor should not be ignored. Either way let's hope it carries over.



Game 1: Garrett Olson* vs. Rick Porcello
Game 2: Felix Hernandez vs. Armando Galarraga
Game 3: Jarrod Washburn* vs. Lucas French*

I am still playing massive catch up from a weekend away so these are going to be somewhat appreviated.

Porcello: His issues are home runs and control. Or really, home run rate, because he does not allow many home runs in total thanks to his terrific ground ball rates. However he is not missing many bats (I am still waiting, Porcello boosters) and a patient lineup can work him out of a game. Thankfully, we kind of have a patient line up now (see previous post).

Galarraga walks too many hitters and pairs that up with an average strikeout ratio and an average batted ball profile. Guess what? He is below average! Surprising, I know. He throws a low-90s heater, but less than half the time, splitting it up with a mid-80s slider that he also tosses 40% of the time making up the sum total of 133% of all his pitches thrown.

Lucas French? Never really been good before, French was outstanding earlier this year in Triple-A and earned his way onto the rotation. He has the standard lefty repertoire of a mediocre fastball, a meh change and a decent breaking ball. That is enough to miss bats in Triple-A, but so far not in the Majors.