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Russell Branyan is Still Fine

Just in case some of you were worried about Russell Branyan's July so far, I am here to soothe your fears like a cool aloe balm.

April through June Since July 1
Swing% 46.8 47.9
Contact% 68.7 67.0
GB% / FB% / LD% 31.8 / 40.0 / 20.6 26.9 / 42.3 / 15.4
BABIP .358 .174
HR/BIA 16.5 15.8
SO% 26.2 36.3
BB% 14.3 16.4
ISO_Disc .097 .135
ISO_Slg .303 .244












Russ is fine. His strikeouts and infield pop ups are up in July, but so are his walks. More importantly, he is swinging just as often, making contact just as often and hitting home runs just as often, even with the increased infield flies, as he has all season. The big difference is in the BABIP. That is flukey; do not worry over it. Russ is fine.