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A Comparison

Do you like tables? I hope you like tables.

Washburn Vargas^
tRA 5.10 5.76
tRA* 5.21 5.05
Strike% 62.4 61.0
SwS% 7.5 7.7
GB% 37.6 38.3
LD% 22.5 20.4
^ as a starter

By the way, RRS is getting better down in Tacoma. Over his last six starts, he's thrown 35.2 innings, striking out 25 while walking six. His velocity the other day was 89-92 on the stadium gun, which - according to Ryan Divish - manager Daren Brown calls his best of the year. Last time we saw RRS in the Mariner rotation on a consistent basis, he was throwing 64% strikes with a 7.2% whiff rate.