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Today's Fun Fact

A table:

Player 1st Half wOBA 2nd Half wOBA*
ICHIRO 0.377 0.350
BRANYAN 0.403 0.375
LOPEZ 0.301 0.314
GRIFFEY 0.333 0.337
GUTIERREZ 0.346 0.327
LANGERHANS 0.316 0.326
HANNAHAN 0.260 0.307
:(EDENO 0.230 0.284
BENCH ~.275 ~.300
* ZiPS Rest-of-Season projection

Sourced using Fangraphs wOBA, not StatCorner wOBA, For the sake of staying consistent with the ZiPS numbers.

Applying some approximate playing time weights and mathing everything out, the Mariner offense as currently built projects for a team .321 wOBA in the second half of the season, against a .328 league average and a .313 team mark for the first three months. What's more is that that number isn't park-adjusted. Taking Safeco into account, ZiPS thinks this offense will only be a handful of runs below average over the rest of the year. And that's without adding a shortstop or even including a few potential weeks of Adrian Beltre.

Tired of seeing this lineup struggle to score runs? Me too. But there's good news. While this team will never be accused of lighting up the scoreboard, there's reason to believe that things are going to get a great deal better going forward.