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Burke Re-Called, Stark Re-DFA'd, Tyler Johnson Released

Danny O'Neil has the 411

Catcher Jamie Burke has been selected from Class Triple A Tacoma and will be starting on Sunday as Rob Johnson's in-step is injured. It's not serious enough to put him on the disabled list, but he might not be ready until the end of the upcoming series with Baltimore.

I don't know, Wak, you might want to 60-day him to be sure. Don't want to rush injuries like this. I hurt my in-step once and I know that I was unable to play baseball at a professional level for a long time afterward.


I missed this yesterday, but Tyler Johnson was released. Ryan Divish with the write up:

The Mariners had hoped Johnson could be their lefty specialist in the bullpen, but he never could quite get the command and location needed to be successful.

There goes that.