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6/5: Open Game Thread


Minnesota Twins @ Seattle Mariners

06/05/09 7:10 PM PDT

Minnesota Twins Seattle Mariners
Denard Span - LF Ichiro Suzuki - RF
Joe Mauer - C Russell Branyan - 1B
Justin Morneau - 1B Adrian Beltre - 3B
Jason Kubel - RF Mike Sweeney - "DH"
Joe Crede - 3B Jose Lopez - "2B"
Brendan Harris - SS Wladimir Balentien - LF
Brian Buscher - DH Rob Johnson - C
Carlos Gomez - CF Ronny Cedeno - SS
Alexi Casilla - 2B Franklin Gutierrez - CF

Felix Hernandez

#34 / Pitcher / Seattle Mariners





Apr 08, 1986

Francisco Liriano

#47 / Pitcher / Minnesota Twins





Oct 26, 1983

Never blessed with great command, Liriano's velocity has dropped, he stopped getting groundballs, and his contact rate is shooting up towards the league average. I don't much care if he's only 25 years old - at this point, he's just a guy, and no matter who tries to tell you otherwise, the magic is gone. That can't be an easy pill for Twins fans to swallow, so hopefully they're able to get a little comfort from the shutout he's about to pitch. Mariners baseball!