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J.J. Putz Is What We Feared He Was And Thus Why We Traded Him

A.K.A. he's hurt. Officially.

Mets right-hander J.J. Putz will undergo surgery Tuesday to remove a bone spur in his pitching elbow, according to a major-league source. Putz will be unable to throw for six weeks and likely will be out 8 to 10 weeks, the source said. He would return in early to mid-August if he meets the 8- to 10-week timetable.

Jason Vargas, 0.2 WAR
Franklin Gutierrez, 1.2 WAR
Ronny Cedeno, -0.3 WAR
Garrett Olson, -0.1 WAR
Endy Chavez, 0.5 WAR
Mike Carp, .432 wOBA in AAA
Ezequiel Carrera, .428 wOBA in AA
TOTAL: 1.6 WAR + 2 well hitting prospects

J.J. Putz, 0 WAR
Sean Green, 0.2 WAR
Jeremy Reed, 0.0 WAR
Luis Valbuena, .426 wOBA in AAA, -0.5 WAR in MLB
TOTAL: -0.3 WAR + 1 well hitting prospect