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Congratulations, Randy

I do not put stock in the stat of pitching wins, but lots of people do and getting 300 of them is still impressive, even if for other reasons.

I will never forget 1995 or 1997. I will not forget the almost perfect game(s) with us, the actual no-hitter, and the perfect game you got after you left. I am happy you got your championships with Arizona (and not with New York). I will not forget your start here on May 22nd when the Seattle crowd showed its appreciation for all you did here and you acknowledged how much that meant.

I think you have some pitching legs left in you yet, but if you choose to hang them up after this season, I will understand. You're going into the Hall of Fame someday, that much has been long known, and though I do not much care which hat your plaque has on it, I do hope it is emblazoned with a Seattle S. Call me sentimental, but I cannot help but note that if you do happen to retire after this season, I will be marking my calendar for the last weekend in July, 2015 when you and Junior will both take your rightful places inside the museum.