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Dontrelle Willis Has Figured It Out

A couple weeks ago, Willis spun an excellent start against the Rangers, causing many to wonder if after so many struggles he had finally gotten himself back on track. Said Willis after the game:

Now that I feel healthy and strong, I think I can start building some trust out there.

It made for a touching story that fans and coaches alike hoped would signal the revival of a most likeable and talented pitcher. A return to form after dealing with early-onset ineffectiveness and an anxiety disorder would make Willis' one of the most inspiring narratives in the league.

Willis has made three starts since he beat Texas. He's lasted all of 14 innings, allowing 15 runs and 11 walks. His third inning against the Red Sox today looked like this:

  • HBP
  • Walk
  • Called strikeout
  • Walk
  • Walk
  • Walk
  • Pulled

We knew that big extension Willis signed with the Tigers would be a problem from the get-go, but what we didn't expect was that within a few years it would imperil the general public. Crazy people are already dangerously unstable, so I can't imagine giving them a lot of money makes things any better. Willis is one more sabbatical away from drafting blueprints for a Museum of Hyenas and Topheavy Obelisks to be built in his yard. Way to kill all those families, Dombrowski.