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Mariners Make Dual Improvement By Adding Ryan Langerhans, Ditching Mike Morse

Title says it all. Dave just wrote a post on Langerhans the other day, which at this point is required reading. What it comes down to is that the M's have dealt a worthless player - worthless to them, at least - in exchange for an awesome outfield gloveman with a career batting line of .233/.335/.378. It's like bringing in another Endy Chavez, except this one comes with more upside, given that Langerhans has a good idea of the zone, decent lefty power, and a track record of producing in AAA. He probably won't be quite as good as Chavez in the field, but few people are, and he swings a better bat.

Langerhans is exactly the sort of player we needed to add once Chavez went down, and as Dave suggested, he was for all intents and purposes freely available. And, sure enough, we got him for nothing. I'm not yet sure what his role is going to be, but I'd imagine he'll do what Chavez did, which means we'll get to see an awful lot of him. Which is great news, for us, for the team, and for Michael Saunders' stress management.

This is how you add now without subtracting from the future. What an excellent, excellent trade.