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Today's Fun Fact

Mariner offense by month:

April: .301 wOBA (29th)
May: .309 wOBA (26th)
June: .334 wOBA (8th)

Last 30 days: .342 wOBA (7th)

(wOBA and rankings not park-adjusted)

The team hasn't scored a whole lot of runs in June, but that's due to an unsustainably poor performance with men on base. The fact of the matter is that, for the past several weeks, this lineup has been pretty good. Over the last 30 days they've hit .279/.337/.457 as a group despite playing 12 games at home and 3 in San Diego, and while some of that comes from facing some lower-quality pitchers, most of it comes from a lot of the regulars swinging better bats. Guys we were waiting on to wake up have woken up, and the team's hit a lot better as a result.

Is it all for real? Not to this degree, no - Ichiro's been on an unbelievable tear, Lopez has hit a bunch of homers, and Beltre's played over his head. Some people are bound to slow down. But others are also bound to pick it up (Yuni isn't as bad as he's looked, and we're about to get Kenji back), and as things even out, it looks like this offense will leave its pathetic output behind and settle in somewhere in the middle of the pack. And the combination of an average offense with an average pitching staff and an above-average defense could very well be enough to put the M's over the top.

In the past, a lot of people have ripped this lineup to shreds. And it would be silly to say that they didn't deserve it. They sucked. But with the progress we've seen from a few key player over the last few weeks, I'd say things are looking up. This offense isn't the laughingstock as which it's been billed.