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In-Market Net Streams are Coming... with a catch.

New York is the test case.

These offerings include Yankees on YES, meaning fans in the Yankees' market will be able to watch live YES Network broadcasts of the Bronx Bombers' games live over a computer. The second in-market live game streaming product is expected to be announced next week.

Weeee! Finally, for those of us who want to watch Mariner games and pretty much nothing else on cable TV will have a solution that allows us to avoid paying for cable TV for ~$50/month.

The offering, which will be implemented through an authentication process managed by Cablevision and MLBAM, will be available exclusively to Cablevision customers who subscribe to the Family Cable (expanded basic) level of television service and Optimum Online.


You stupid morons. What's the bloody point? So I can watch games when I am around a computer with an internet connection, in the NY media area, but for some reason not around a TV that can show the game? Wow. That's a gaping need in the market.