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LA Times:

Ervin Santana is on the disabled list again, an inflamed triceps...

Santana sat out the first six weeks of the season because of an elbow ligament sprain and was scratched from last Tuesday's start in San Francisco because of tightness on the outside of his forearm, just below the elbow.

I think my favorite part of the article comes a little later:

"Ervin made a lot of progress, but we're going to give him eight to 10 days to throw a couple more power bullpens," Scioscia said.

Santana's fastball, first start: 91.1mph average, 93.2 top
Santana's fastball, last start: 90.7mph average, 94.0 top
Santana's fastball, 2008: 94.8mph average

Santana's Strike%, first three starts: 59.2%
Santana's Strike%, last three starts: 58.6%
Santana's Strike%, 2008: 66.1%

Santana's Swinging Strike%, first three starts: 6.6%
Santana's Swinging Strike%, last three starts: 6.3%
Santana's Swinging Strike%, 2008: 10.7%

Actually, Mike, it seems Ervin didn't make any progress at all. We even lit him up the second time around and we got owned by Matt Palmer.

The Angels lost last night. Playoff odds up to 18.8%, and that's including some rather optimistic PECOTA projections of the LAnaheim pitching staff. Geoff Baker's latest post is right on the money - the Angels are in no more shallow a pool of shit than we are. This division is unthinkably winnable.