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Something Further to Think About

It was brought up somewhat in the thread below, and Dave has an entire post up about Ryan Langerhans as a decent candidate to replace Endy Chavez. I felt like throwing a couple more names out there. Now, I am not saying the team can or even should trade for one of these, just that in looking through the list of guys who:

-bat left-handed
-have not terrible defensive numbers
-are destroying Triple-A this year
-have decent Triple-A track records
-are not overly young and/or seem unlikely to crack even a reserve role any time soon

these popped up.

Jeff Fiorentino (BAL) L/R, 26
career MLB OPS: .679 over 98 PAs
career AAA OPS: .788 over 475 PAs
2009 AAA wOBA: .402
defense: good over a sample size so small as to not exist
blocked by: Nick Markakis, Adam Jones, Nolan Reimold, Felix Pie

John Rodriguez (NYA) L/L, 31
career MLB OPS: .811 over 388 PAs
career AAA OPS: .891 over 1753 PAs
2009 AAA wOBA: .394
defense: between -5 and 0 based on a really sample size
blocked by: a bunch of guys paid real money

Todd Linden* (Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles, Japan) S/R, 29
career MLB OPS: .638 over 559 PAs
career AAA OPS: .875 over 2643 PAs
2009 AAA wOBA: .387
defense: +20 UZR/150 in a corner, still a small sample
blocked by: the Pacific Ocean

I don't really like any of these over the Ryan Langerhans idea, but hey, you know, options and junk.

*I don't know what it would take to get Linden back from Japan. Also, he's from Edmonds, WA.