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Something To Think About

The Mariners, right now, are two back of the Angels and two and a half back of the Rangers. PECOTA gives them a 17.6% chance of playing postseason baseball.

Over their next three games, the Angels play Colorado and draw Aaron Cook, Ubaldo Jimenez, and Jason Marquis.

Over their next three games, the Rangers play Arizona and draw Max Scherzer, Dan Haren, and Jon Garland.

Over their next three games, the Mariners play San Diego and draw Chad Gaudin, Josh Geer, and Wade LeBlanc.

With the road trip from hell looming just around the corner, the M's could really stand to narrow the division gap a little more than they already have, and the good news is that the next three games should present such an opportunity. All three Padre pitchers have their upsides, but they're nothing compared to what the other guys are going to see.

After everything the M's have been through, it's hard to believe this is still a three-team race. And if they can make it to the first Monday of July without falling apart, then it's time to start thinking - I mean seriously thinking - about gunning for the playoffs.