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Mike Carp Is A Mariner

Ryan Divish has the news:

We're sitting in the press box and the Mariners were taking early BP when a light headed guy stepped out of the dugout carrying a bat --- and I said, "That's Mike Carp."

So Mike Carp is here. Don't know what the roster move is yet, but we'll have more.

Well, there you go. Carp comes up after hitting .299 in Tacoma with a bunch of walks and a good bit of power. He doesn't make a ton of contact, but as a disciplined lefty bat capable of launching the ball over the fence, his is a name you'll want to remember.

I wouldn't be surprised if this has something to do with Branyan missing tomorrow's game to attend his grandfather's funeral.

Update: the corresponding roster move has been determined - Erik Bedard is going on the DL. Why? Because of course he is. Never, ever, ever believe someone if they tell you that an issue with Bedard's body isn't serious. This is Erik Bedard. It's always serious.

More on Bedard - Stone says his scheduled bullpen this morning was canceled. I'm about to head off to the ballpark, but keep an eye on the Times and TNT blogs for more updates.

UPDATE[16:20]: Bedard was placed on the DL retro to June 7, meaning he is eligible to come off on the 23rd, back at home against San Diego. Mike Carp will start tomorrow at first with Branyan gone to attend a funeral.

UPDATE[17:15]: Jack Zduriencik – Bedard going to Lewis Yocum, team should know more tomorrow. Team still hoping for Bedard to miss the minimum.