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6/16: Open Game Thread

Felix Hernandez

#34 / Pitcher / Seattle Mariners





Apr 08, 1986

Kevin Correia

#29 / Pitcher / San Diego Padres





Aug 24, 1980

It's official - David Aardsma has graduated from closer to Closer:

"It takes a special man to close out games, and he's definitely one of those guys," said rookie reliever Chris Jakubauskas. "You need a different kind of [makeup] to be a closer. He's eccentric, in a good way."

Well, gosh, good thing we guessed right. You can't get that sort of thing from just anyone.

Felix! Hopefully Felix! is able to counteract the double whammy of Griffey in left and our being 0-3 in our last three games against starting pitchers photographed with the wrong team. The Mariners have won eight consecutive games in San Diego and I damn sure don't feel like going home with a loss tonight. I'm thinking no-hitter after which Felix looks up at me and points and we connect on an emotional level that many observe but few understand.