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Thoughts On A Picture

  • An hour later, the skies were full of dark clouds and the press boxes were evacuated due to a tornado warning. To this day I don't understand why people insist on living in places where something powerful clearly doesn't want them to live.

  • Jason Hammel looks like he just landed after jumping in the air and clicking his heels. Hammel's not an Irish name, is it? What a weird way to pitch. Or maybe he already finished his follow-through and clicked his heels really fast in celebration of the pitch being so good. That would probably be distracting for the hitter. I wonder what clicking your heels together while throwing does to your elbow.

  • It's interesting that bending over and placing your hands on your knees has become the universal way of preparing for a hit ball. That's usually what I do after a really hard run. Bending over and placing my hands on my knees is a position I associate with not doing anything for the next four or five minutes.

  • No spectator has ever been in less danger of being struck by a batted ball than all those people on the concourse above the Wells Fargo sign.

  • I know so little about the Rockies that I'm not sure if one guy in the bullpen is standing up, or if all of them are sitting down and one of them is a giant.

  • Comfort Dental? Is anybody really going to believe that? That's like naming a company Agreeable Plumbing.

  • Fifty bucks says that ball is on its way in, not on its way out.