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Good News!

Hit it, Larry!

Erik Bedard has been scratched from tomorrow's start with what Wakamatsu termed "slight shoulder inflammation."
The second part of the bombshell is that Brandon Morrow will make the start in Bedard's place.

Brandon Morrow has already thrown 42 and 52 pitches in separate appearances so far this year, so given his pitch count of 60 tomorrow, I'm not really concerned about that part of this thing. He's getting the nod out of necessity, and will be on his way to Tacoma shortly thereafter. With Bedard, though...the team says it's not serious, and that he could probably start, but when you combine "shoulder inflammation" with an already injury-prone starter and a cliff-diving rate of swinging strikes, it's impossible to stay calm. Impossible. Erik Bedard could run a marathon and tell me his legs were sore the next morning and I'd worry they were about to fall off.

I hate this. I hate having to agonize over every little ache. Please be nothing.