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August 8th: Come To The Event!

USSM has all of the details. Man, it's easy to publicize a get-together after somebody else has already written a post about it. Way to exert yourself, Dave. Donations are optional :wink: :wink: and in no way mandatory :wink: but I promise one free Graham smile* for everyone who chips in an additional $5 on top of the ticket fee to help facilitate both Dave and my flying in from out of town. Bloggers may be rich in women and richer in respect, but we're not rich in money, or in anything that could feasibly be exchanged for money. Except for the women, I guess, but a lot of people get all uppity over that sort of thing. 

M's/Rays, August 8th, and a pre-game chat with a bunch of really important and good-looking people. Pay up. You'll love it.

*may resemble a smirk

We'll talk about organizing LL softball as the weekend approaches.