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Fun With Numbers

After 29 games, the Seattle Mariners have hit .261/.315/.378, good for a .306 team wOBA and a 670-run season pace.

To date, Adrian Beltre has hit .207/.242/.276, good for a .232 wOBA.

Adrian Beltre's Marcel forecast coming into the year was .265/.323/.454, good for a .333 wOBA.

If Adrian Beltre were hitting like his own Marcel instead of a retarded version of Juan Castro's, the Seattle Mariners would (approximately) have a .268/.324/.399 batting line and a .318 wOBA, which would put them on pace for a final run total around 700, roughly what most of us projected them to do.

Forget everything else that's been going on or anybody else you think has underachieved. If Adrian Beltre were simply hitting like Adrian Beltre, our offense would be more acceptably mediocre and less chillingly limp.

Pick it up, Adrian. You're killing us.